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Welcome to the New Academic year of learning at Pearl Infinity International School - Huzumagar.

MentorsMessage"No matter how many people believe or do not believe in you - you must be the ultimate believer in yourself". Only this self- belief, self-confidence will metamorphosis an ordinary human being into an extraordinary Chairman, CEO or Corporate Head.

I have had the fortune of meeting many hugely successful people, top Managing Directors, Corporate Heads who have by sheer grit and determination, raised themselves from 'zero' ground levels to unquestioned Leaders of high repute. The spirit is driven by high enthusiasm who explore new horizons, take huge risks and achieve unbelievable heights. This is not pure ordinary schooling of only academic orientation, No it is not.

The truth is so obvious that thousands huge achievers, statesmen, politicians, business icons, even in our own families have not seen colleges, but employ hundreds of top professionals in their industries as successful gigantic business leaders. What is the truth - the realm of development of these supermagnificent success.

Today every parent is conscious, extremely conscious for the immense development of their child, maybe mirroring their own reflections as business icons and certainly aspiring much much higher levels than themselves for their children.

Till last century and as recent as last 3 decades, every psychologist and every parent perceived as the foundation and the future of the child, the only quotient- The Intelligent Quotient - Only the Academic Excellence.

This century the psychologist has spurned the 10' as the only quotient for success of a child's future. A new vibrant quotient, the 'Emotional Quotient has become the hallmark of success at every stage of human life and these high EQ'- Emotional Quotient people are the multitudes of leaders in Business, Politics, Corporate, Bankers have actually firmly driven this world to these fascinating heights. The self-motivated people.

They possess high Emotional Quotient- and may or may not possess the extraordinary IQ, the Intelligent Quotient, which so far was considered the only vital element for making growth success.

A rare scientist of extraordinary Intelligence Quotient will invent a product of unbelievable superlative values, but there is only the Business Leaders with huge leadership Emotional Quotient will, through chains of industries, markets, spread the flow of these new products to cities, districts, villages worldwide. If we owe an applaud to the scientist for inventing the fabulous product, we certainly will give an ovation to these multitude of marvellous business leaders.

Harvard university's extensive research has shockingly brought forward that we spend millions in school and colleges for academic excellence and skill development, but it contributes only 20% success rating for becoming CEO's, Managing Directors, Business Leaders, the top echelons in society. The success magnificent key 80% is the 'ATTITUDE. The most important word in mankind's success dictionary is the 'ATTITUDE - The Emotional Quotient Key.

Huge research in child development has shown that persons who concentrated merely on academics with 95% scoring will certainly obtain a VISA to the top multinationals, but if we lack in 'Attitudes EQ of decision making, communication skills and managing stress, motivating and controlling masses, multitasking and an all pervasive 'Mental Strength', we will never attain high leadership or become Vice Presidents, Presidents of Companies but end up as low level executives.

God has gifted each child with thousands of keys of developments, the key of vibrant potentials and the master key is the Emotional Quotient Key - The Motivational Key-The Attitude Key.

This calls for developing the leadership personality of the child.

Pearl Infinity International School is the platform for development of these huge potential keys - the EMO TIONAL QUOTIENT uniquely different from most other schools.

We are proud that every teacher, every coach is a role model not just limited to be a subject teacher, but a leader for children, to imbibe from- be it subject oriented, to sports to leadership and communication skills. Pearl Infinity International School lays the foundation with a plethora of personality development activities running continuously, in a tight time frame, within this compact period limitation of the annual academic calendar.

Thank you parents for entrusting your precious pearls, the children with us, the foster parents to make their life paths mirroring your iconic success in this complex competitive world.

Dr. Chandrashekar D P

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