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Academic Calendar

Themes For The Year

Month Nursery PP1 PP2
June Welcome to Learning Back to School Back to School
July Noes to Toes Myself & My Family Who am I?
August Wings & Paws Fairy Land Fairy World
September Fun with Colors Land & Sea Animals Creeping Crawlies
October Vegetables & Fruits Down to the Farm Jungle Mystery
November Growing up Healthy Fun with Colors Out in the Garden
December Discovering Wheels Discovering Wheels Discovering Wheels
January Changing Seasons Helping Hands Mera Bharath Mahan
February Community Helpers Growing up Healthy Seasons
March Our Universe Our City Rocket Adventure

Pre-School Academic Policies

  1. Pre-School Academic Policies
    All the students carry worksheets as weekend learning reinforcement activities as given below.
    a. Pre-Nursery – One worksheet to enhance Fine Motor skills.
    b. Nursery – Three works sheets to focus on Concepts.
    c. PP1 & PP2 – Three to Five works sheets on Literacy, Numeracy, Language, Basic Knowledge concepts & Skills.
  2. Homework will be sent on all Wednesdays and Fridays.
  3. Parents can meet the teachers to discuss academic matters on Saturdays between 9.00 a.m. –
    1.00 p.m. apart from scheduled PTMs and except for the 2nd Saturday.
    There will be 5 PTMs every year.
  4. Field Trips will be organized according to themes.
  5. There will be no Summative assessment for Nursery & PP1. However, to promote the child to the next
    level the child has to have a minimum of 90% attendance failing which the child will be detained
  6. Only PP2 students will have a Summative assessment ending of the academic year and minimum of 90%
    of attendance failing which the child will be detained.

Month Wise Activity Schedule

June Fun Activities - Preparing for learning
July Self-Introduction Day (Nursery). Me & My Family Talk Show (PP1/PP2) Puppet Show Activity
August Family Day, Flag Making & Rakhi Making, Fav Animal Talk Show (Nursery) Fancy Dress & Fairy Tales Day (PP1/PP2), Clay Ganesha Making
September Red Day (Nursery), Blue Day (Nursery), Fav Rhyme Day (All Classes) Yellow Day (Nursery), Creeping Crawlies Talk Show (PP2), Green Day (Nursery), Fav Animal Talk Show (PP1)
October Sowing Seeds Activity, Grandparents Day Celebrations Fav Animal Talk Show (PP2), Fruit Salad Activity (Nursery & PP1)
November Red Day (PP1), Blue Day (PP1), Children's Day Activity Health & Hygiene Talk Show (Nursery), Health Checkup (All), Yellow Day (PP1) Fav Story Day (PP2), Green Day (PP1), A Day with the Chef (Nursery)
December My Fav Vehicle Talk Show (All), Christmas Celebrations
January A Day in Winter (Nursery), Kite Making & Sankranti Celebrations Role Play on Community Helpers (PP1), Role Play on National Leaders (PP2)
February A Day with Potter (All), Seasons Activity (PP2), Healthy Food Activity (PP1) Role Play - Community Helpers (Nursery)
March Revision (PP2), Class Photographs (All), A Day in Summer (PP1) Holi Celebrations (All), Graduation Day (PP2)
Ser Periodic Tests & Summative Tests Assessment Dates PTM Dates
1. PA 1 Exam 10th to 15th July 2023 22nd July 2023
2. PA 2 Exam 18th to 24th Aug 2023 9th Sept 2023
3. TA 1 Exam 3rd to 12th Oct 2023 4th Nov 2023
4. PA 3 Exam 16th to 22nd Nov 2023 9th Dec 2023
5. PA 4 Exam 29th Jan to 5th Feb 2024 17th Feb 2024
6. 10th Grade Pre Board Exam 1 2, & 3 28th Dec 2023 to 6th Jan 2024
20th Jan to 29th Jan 2024
3rd Feb to 9th Feb 2024
7. TA 2 Exam 11th to 22nd Mar 2024 30th March 2024

Fee Schedule For The Academic Year Is As Under:

Term Due Date Last Date for Payment
FIRST TERM 15th June, 2023 25th July, 2023
Second TERM 20t October, 2023 21st November, 2023
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