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Pre-School Guidelines

  1. All the books should be covered and labeled and sent back to school. It will be kept with the class teacher
    and sent as and when required. Every stationary item, including the crayons, should also be returned to
    the bag. The stationary will be used in the school throughout the year. ONLY THE PARENT NEWSLETTER TO
  2. Children of NURSERY, LKG, and UKG should be regularly sent in complete school uniform as soon as it has
    been provided.
  3. 2 extra nappy pads should be sent if the child is not toilet trained.
  4. Every child must have an extra pair of civil dress neatly labeled in the front zip of the bag which will be used
    for emergencies.
  5. Every belonging of the child should be labeled in full.
  6. No child should wear gold jewelry to school. The school will not be responsible for any loss.
  7. No child is allowed to bring any personal toys/eatables unless told by the teacher.
  8. Drinking Water is provided at school however, children can carry a water bottle with them.
  9. Bags will be sent home every Wednesday & Friday for LKG and UKG students and only Friday for Nursery
    with Student Dairy and Home Assignment. The home assignment needs to be completed by the child strictly
    under parental supervision.
  10. Every child should return the bag along with the completed home assignment without fail on Monday or the
    next working day.
  11. Parents can meet the concerned teachers on all Saturdays except Il Saturdays between 9 am-12.30 pm and
    they can be reached on the school telephone numbers. In any emergency, the teachers can be
    contacted over the phone between 2 pm-3:30 pm from Monday to Friday.
  12. Leaves planned must be informed through a leave letter.
  13. No child will be sent home before 1 pm except for medical reasons.
  14. All communications will be done through the school diary.
  15. Strictly no gifts or cakes for Birthdays. Only toffees can be distributed.
  16. You can contact the office anytime between 8.30-4.30 pm and reach out to the school office by telephone or
    mail us to
  17. Log on to our Facebook Page – to see the photographs and
    activities of your child and LIKE the page to get notifications.
  18. You can check out our website:
Admissions Enquiry
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