Pearl Infinity

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School Information

Working Hours:

Ser Timings Particulars
1. 08:30 am Parents and Bus Drop Time
2. 08:45 am Morning Assembly
3. 09:00 am Academic Session Begins
4. 04:00 pm Busses Depart
5. 04:10 pm Parents Pick-Up

Visiting Hours:

Ser Person Timings
1. Principal 3pm to 5pm (daily) & PTM's
2. Class Teacher's 4pm to 5pm (daily) & PTM's
3. Administration 9 am to 5pm (Tue/Thu/Sat)
4. Transportation 9 am to 5pm (Mon/Wed/Fri)
5. Hostel Warden 9 am to 5pm (daily)

School Uniforms:

Ser Particulars Groming
1. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday School Uniform Ironed & Wrinkle Free
2. Wednesday & Saturday House T-Shirt & Blue Pants
3. On Birthdays & School Celebrations Civil Dress (Colour Dress) As per instructions
4. Black Shoes & Socks Polished (Compulsory on all days)
5. Belt Compulsory on all days
6. Hair-Boys Well-Trimmed
7. Hair - Girls Single-Pleated with Black Hairband
8. Nails Clipped & Well-Kept

School Houses:

Ser House Name Color
1. Akoya Red
2. Biwa Yellow
3. South Sea Blue
4. Tahitian Green

The House system provides opportunities for the students to develop all aspects to of their growth and learning: personality, morality, creativity, knowledge and skills. At Pearl Infinity International School, we organise our students into the following four houses. Participation in these house activities contributes to excellence in academic, social, sporting and cultural fields.

Birthday Celebrations:

Children are encouraged to celebrate their Birthday’s in the school. The children celebrating their Birthday will be wished in the morning assembly. Children can get toffees/chocolates to school and distribute them to their friends. The cost of these chocolates to not exceed 2 rupees per piece.

Further, we encourage parents to support

  1. Library Development Program by donating books and build an updated Library.
  2. Sadhana Scholarship Fund by donating cash and supporting girl child education.
  3. Share the saplings to the school friends/School itself in the name of Birthday celebrate students. Protect the environment for future generations.
Admissions Enquiry
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